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Radiation Oncology Care, Kolkata is a Team of
passionate hard core Radiation Oncologists whose mission is not only to treat
cancer patients but we believe in understanding our patients, listening to our
patients and trying to bring positive changes in our patients. All this is
possible by our dedication and sincerity. It’s all about working together for
patient’s care. Everyone in our group has their own talents, ideas and
strengths. Hard work, dedication and consistency defines our group the best. Our
group includes 3 clinicians. Dr Tanweer Shahid who is a TMH Mumbai alumni and
has an experience of more than 13 years in this field, heads the team. He has
been instrumental in bringing out changes in the relationship of patients and
doctors. This belief has been aptly supported and executed by the two most
dedicated and extremely hardworking colleagues, Dr Mukti Mukherjee and Dr
Arundhati De. We are truly dedicated to patient’s care. Dr Mukti and Dr
Arundhati have a very sound knowledge about the subject and are blessed with a
healing smile with a friendly behaviour which makes every patients feel
comfortable with them. In the company of Dr Tanweer, Dr Mukti and Dr Arundhati,
every patient feels relaxed. Our patient’s love and faith in us is our biggest
strength. Our entire team is approachable, considerate and we treat every
patient with utmost passion. Our team is efficiently supported by 2 clinical
assistants, Ms Rubi and Ms Papiya who manage all the intricacies of patients
care. Their support is invaluable and they form the backbone of our group.